Malcolm Thomas - Gustave

Malcolm Thomas - Gustave

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First Name * Malcolm
Last Name * Thomas - Gustave
Username * malcolmTG
Country * Singapore
City Singapore
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Cloth;Rigger
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames ConsoleMotion Picture or VideoVFX
Preferred Tools RiggingMAYASimulationMEL ScriptPythonXSIClothHair Dynamics




Throughout my life I've found myself to be both technical and creative in nature. So I've tried to find things that appeal to both aspects of myself. Currently I'm following more along the technical ends with Character Setup, Simulation, and Scripting. But the creative ends of all of these really appeal to me as well. I love what I do because I never know exactly how I'm going to do it one day to the next and that's what keeps it fresh and exciting to me. Even though sometimes I wanna just sit back and work on one of the stories I'm currently writing, I just can't escape the allure of figuring out some new process or structure.